E-bike engine Kalkhoff E-Bike (Made in Germany)

  • Engine: Impulse 2.0
  • Pedaltec
  • Autonomy: 140 km


Greater power than ever – demolishes hills

Kalkhoff have engineered the Impulse 2.0 elecric bike system with a crank drive motor that develops up to 70Nm of torque, the highest power of any centre motor on the market. That means stronger hill climbing, faster acceleration and better performance when towing trailers or when piled up with luggage.

New gearbox – more power, less noise

At the heart of the Impulse 2.0 motor is a new, precision-engineered gearing system, developed by a specialist engineering partner located in the German Black Forest. It’s this, along with the new controller, that allows such an enormously increased power output, greater all-round efficiency and smoothness. It’s considerably quieter too.

Shift Assist – smoother gear changes

Now this is really clever. The power of the new motor would normally put a serious strain on both the chain and gears, especially when shifting up or down the gears. Kalkhoff’s technicians have designed a widget that detects movement in the gear cable and cuts the motor power for a fraction of a second while the gears go about the business of changing. The duration of the Shift Assist effect, from zero up to 300 milliseconds, can be adjusted to suit your riding style. For the Endeavour Impulse Speed bikes, Shift Assist is set at 125 milliseconds while the standard 250 milliseconds is perfect for the other Impulse 2.0 models. What does this mean out on the road? You’ll find changing gear while riding is seamless – no need to pause pedalling while riding with hub gears. There’s a very satisfying power boost on each gear change and it works particularly well while riding uphill. Both your bike’s gears and chain are likely to last longer too as Shift Assist will shield them from the motor’s power when they’re most vulnerable, during gear changes. Changig gears under load has presented a problem for electric bike designers for years. Kalkhoff have nailed it with their Impulse 2.0 Shift Assist system. The result is the most satisfying and confidence-inspiring riding experience of any electric bikes.

Climb Assist – helps you all the way to the top

This is another clever feature Kalkhoff’s engineers have baked into Impulse 2.0. The motor uses a torque sensor (which measures how hard you’re pedalling) to decide how much power assistance to give you. However, if it’s too sensitive you could find yourself left without power as you ease off on pedalling when reaching the top of a hill, making it feel more like hard work as you get to the top. Impulse 2.0’s new Climb Assist technology maintains assistance even after the hill starts to level out as you reach the top. It’s a a nice touch that makes for happier hill-climbing and unique to Kalkhoff.

Multifunction display and new handlebar remote control – crystal clear and easy to use

All Kalkhoff bikes with Impulse 2.0 are fitted with a multifunction display as standard. The LCD shows Speed, Charge, Assistance Level, Total Miles, Trip Miles.

Illuminated handlebar

There’s also a new illuminated Handlebar-mounted control (shown to the left) – with Walk Assist button, on/off, power controls and options